Put your ideas at work

All in one platform for both building and maintaining your website + a developer always at hand
Get the skills and the maintenance of a digital agency for £14.99 per month.

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Smart Workflow

Introducing Monte and Co-Pilot
a more efficient way to work together.
Up to 1 week to get your project online.

Client requirements

2 - 3 days for revisions

Launch your website

It doesn't stop here. Afterwards, you can add articles, add galleries, collect emails, send campaigns and much more, all by yourself. But anytime you feel that you're struggling, contact your Co-Pilot and he will always be happy to help.

Long-term Benefits

Monte is a standalone project and Co-pilot constantly seeks to improve your website
Improve conversion

Co-pilot checks your website to improve SEO, Speed and send tips to you

Growth secured

Your project can be extended with the coming soon store or by hiring a developer

Completely private

Your project is completely separate from us. You own the data. Download and self-host it after 6 months

A complete toolkit of applications

Create amazing work with ease rather than settling for ordinary. Easily add and manage content like Blogs, Portfolios, Newsletters, and more with dedicated apps for each.
Monte - Complete toolkit for your website

Step 1: Choose a domain

We provide a simple panel for you to choose the right domain name and get started right away

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Step 2: Install Monte

Once you've got the domain you're ready to go and install your website

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Step 3: Chat with your co-pilot

We assign you a co-pilot that offers the skills and the maintenance of a digital agency. Let him know your ideas and start together to implement it!

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Step 4: Plan your daily workflow

Once your website is up and ready, you have a complete toolkit to maintain it daily.
e.g. add articles, collect emails, send campaigns and much more.

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