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Get your own team of professionals to work on your early-stage startup. Move fast and lead the development towards your vision at ease.

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The Problems

Starting an online business is tough. You need an efficient, reliable and affordable web development help along the way.

Inefficient system & slow development
High costs of hiring in-house
Months finding the qualified expert
Not clear what are you paying for
Uncertainties in the scaling potential
Big changes are full of risks

The Monte's Mission

Monte believes a startup has to move fast, it should minimise the risks and head towards growth without hassle.

Monte-driven development is 4x faster
A daily report of the tasks worked on
A personal team of developers
Fair and transparent prices
Accelerate the growth at any time
Start or pause your plan instantly

Intelligent Workflow

Productive development using in-house technology
with a growth speed of 4x faster

Talented developers

Experienced experts who follow an efficient process to make your business successful.

Agile way of working

Each task is individually estimated and broken down into achievable steps of 2 hours.

Daily Progress Logs

Get reports on a daily basis to ensure the right direction of the development.

Management Interface

The in-house built technology provides a fully manageable panel to control your content.

Everything in one place

Let the hosting configuration, domain management and third-parties to Monte.

Monte Package

A list of services, reviews and premium resources for a continuous growth. Learn more

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