The story of Monte and its founders

Plenty of websites with no story behind, with barely no passion when created? Void.
Was the process too expensive, it took a lot of time and you still haven't got what you were dreaming of?

Team Monte believes this can be changed

The beginning..
Monte has been initiated in 2016 by us, two friends that know each other since 4yrs old, Serge and Grig. Why? - because we have the dream to change the status quo of how websites are created. With a strong and shared determination and vision, we started to create a product based on the most known and simple concept and this is how a smartphone is used, based on apps. Therefore, we decided to create apps for creating and managing a website. It has to be easy! Even our moms should be able to use it!
The structure of Monte and the user should become united. They should fell in love with each other. That became our philosophy here at Monte and will never be changed.

Launched? Private beta...
However, after a struggled private beta launching, we observed that people know how to get along with Monte and they started to like it. Unfortunately, users didn't know how to apply design skills on their website. Therefore, we decided to aggressively pivot to a user-centered startup and launched the co-pilot, who is doing everything for the user.

We stand united and we don't give up
We have encountered loads of ups and downs. We felt happiness but we also thought that we're going towards a void direction. One thing remain intact - the big dream to offer love through our projects. We want to create a connection with our users so they can create the same strong connection with their clients. We want to start the chain, we want to spread the love.

We have big plans, we have big dreams and we won't stop to pursue them.

That's our story and we're ready to help you to create yours!