Peak Plans

Suitable for small companies to giant enterprises

Choose a plan based on your website complexity peak
A personal co-pilot is assigned to any chosen plan
Each plan starts with a free one day trial

Blanc Plan

£ 24.99 /mo

Small Website

Perfect for Landing Pages. Design focused on increasing the conversion and gathering leads.

What you get

Monte CMS and a personal developer, to get help on creating, adjusting and growing for years ahead.

Fuji Plan

£ 34.99 /mo

Medium Website

Most suitable for multi-page websites. Beautiful design, focused on engaging visitors and new leads.

What you get

Monte CMS and a personal developer, to make the perfect online presence for years ahead.

Kilimanjaro Plan

£ 74.99 /mo

Large Website

Ideal for successful businesses. Incredible design and powerful user flow, stable for a long time.

What you get

Monte CMS and a personal developer, to create personalised features for years ahead.

Everest Plan

£ 154.99 /mo

Giant Website

Designed for completely customised websites with Memberships, APIs, Payments, Catalogs, and anything you could imagine.

What you get

Monte CMS and a personal developer to help you with an incredible design and unique apps, specialised for your business.

We've got you covered

Contact us if you know how it could be better

What is included in the plans that Monte offers?

Once you purchase any of the above plans, you automatically become a Monte member. Therefore, as a Monte Member you get:

  • A co-pilot which will always assist you on developing and maintaining your website
  • Access to Monte CMS - a complete toolkit that is designed to help you maintain your website in the best possible way
  • Hosting space which stores your website
  • Monthly access to different freebies that our team will prepare for you
  • If needed, a Monte subdomain. However we advice to get a personalised domain

What is included in Monte CMS?

There are 9 apps, check out more here, which should cover most of your daily activities. Moreover, it offers strong foundation and many things can be integrated easily, like third-parties, new applications, new kits. Soon, new apps will be available in Store which will help to extend the website at ease.

What is a co-pilot?

Monte co-pilots are assigned to each user that posts a website request. The aim is to provide for each of our clients a personal developer that can assist on the development of the website. His job starts with developing your website based on the provided requirements. Therefore, he will assist to any required change, will answer to any question and will advise on how to increase the website audience.
The co-pilot is the best mate you can have when building a website and no-extra costs are required anytime.

How Monte is different than a site-builder?

Monte avoids the idea of "do it yourself". We believe that our clients should be focused on their business and not to lose energy on figuring out how to build a website. Therefore, we provide co-pilots that handle the job and which assure a professional and personalised website.
However, Monte offers a visual editor which assists the user to easily manage the content.

How Monte is different than a digital agency?

Most digital agencies offer awesome services and great quality, we had been one before, as well. Nevertheless, 3 things can be improved: (time, price, long-term stability). We break down the development time from 2 - 6 months to weeks, having a powerful CMS built in-house. And instead of paying huge price at once, and up-front - we give you the option to try out our services for free and work with us on a monthly basis. A quite complex website, which could cost £5,000, is £124.99/mo on Monte. In one year, the total price sums up to £1,500 and the best part is that you can improve or even change the website and no extra costs will be required.

How are you able to make beautiful designs so fast?

Our last 6 years have been around web development. We know most of resources available, have prepared code snippets, and most important is Monte CMS, which we built to allow us to design and code fast. If we combine all of them, it generates a beautiful draft for you by tomorrow.

Can you develop any custom application for my website?

Usually, we can provide any kind of application for your needs. However, it is necessarily for you to get the Kilimanjaro or the Everest plan. The two plans are distinct based on the complexity of the application. Therefore, if you are not sure on how complex the application is, please consult your assigned co-pilot.
However, minor limits can occur when a new app is required. The co-pilot is there to advise you on that.

How long it will take to complete my website?

We designed a productive workflow, which assures the client to receive daily website drafts while the development process is running. The overall workaround time is 5 days. However, it might be extended when a custom application is required.

When do I start to pay?

Once you post your website requirements, you will get an initial draft on the next day. It should present an overall idea regarding the layout, colors, positioning. However, these can be changed and constantly improved so it can fit your needs. These and the rest of the features Monte provides, are accessible once you active your membership.