Powerful tools integrated in each theme.
Various monetisation methods, email marketing and a top-notch management panel for your website.

Sell products, subscriptions, memberships

Each theme and template provides a complete set of options to sell your products, your services or a completely different way of income.

Connect your Stripe account and you're ready to sell your work through Monte.

Full design and content control

Monte engine has built-in functions to customise most parts of your website. These might include fonts, colours, margins, paddings, backgrounds, positioning, call-to-actions and so much more.

Work together

You can easily invite other people to work on your website, or give them full control, including billing information, domain management and more.

Newsletters and email automation

Sending emails through each Monte-based website has never been easier. We ensure that the email-engine works seamlessly across different cases, be it newsletters or transactional email across your website.

Each theme and template is unique

We ensure to give to developers the most stable resources so that they can build highly targeted themes for niches like Restaurants, Dentists, Psychologists, Bloggers, Influencers and more.

Create websites with user profiles

Themes and templates built with Monte vary from the simplest websites to advanced online startups. We ensure that all cases are covered and that each flow works seamlessly.

Translate your website

One of the key feature each Monte website has is the ease of the translations. Each text on your website can be fully changed and adapted to your requirements by you.

Connect and manage your domain

From start you get a Monte subdomain, and we encourage to switch to your own domain as soon as possible so you get a fully branded website. After you have done that, you can fully manage your domain's DNS records to create personal emails (yourname@domain.com) with third-parties like Zoho or G Suite and more.

Reliable hosting and weekly backups

Monte works a lot on having each website up and running all the time, with no downtime at all. We use the top-notch technologies to ensure the highest speed of your website, and that your website is always online.