Frequently asked questions

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Do I need to have coding skills?

No. MONTE has been designed to create efficient and unique websites through as less clicks as possible.

Do you sell domains?

No. For the moment we do not offer domains for sale, but if you already own a domain purchased from a 3rd party provider you can use it and we will provide a free SSL certificate for you.

How many products can I sell?

You can sell how many digital downloads and services you want and we do not charge any fee. Additionally, you could send unlimited invoices.

How do the payments and the payouts work?

Your customers can pay you through Credit / Debit Card or PayPal, and your account balance is deposited to your PayPal account every week.

Can I move from MONTE to another service?

Sure, we won't be able to give you the whole management system, but we can send you the uploaded files, the database and the HTML version of your website.

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